Equipment Essentials

You can find most of the tools you need for making your own cosmetics in your kitchen.

I prefer ones with a spout.


digital scale
– a good basic digital scale is very handy. I use mine not only in the kitchen, but also for weighing postage. You can get a good quality scale for less than $50 (as of 2006), such as the one pictured below. It is a Jennings/JScale CJ4000. It can measure up to 8.8 lbs (4000 g) with a resolution of 0.02 oz (0.5 g), which is adequate for most kitchen purposes. The “tare” function is very useful for zero-ing and adding additional ingredients. This scale works with both an ac adapter or batteries, and is very easy to clean. An all-around excellent gadget to have in the kitchen!

– save and reuse old containers! I like to store lotions in malibu tubes/tottles (stands upright on its cap), creams in wide mouth jars, and non-oily liquids (insect repellents, air fresheners) in sprayers. Lotion pumps are hard to clean, so I do not recommend them for that reason. If you make thin lotion, then you can store it in a glass bottle with a stopper. Otherwise, it would be hard to get thicker lotions out.