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What is the Difference Between Micronized and Nano-sized Zinc Oxide?

Did you know that neither the FDA nor the cosmetic science industry have a formal definition for nano-size zinc oxide? Its interpretation varies widely within the industry. BASF’s Z-COTE®, a popular supplier of microfine zinc oxide powders for sunscreen and mineral makeup, considers 200 nanometers as the upper limit. Micronisers’s Microsun™ nanosized zinc oxide powders […]

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Common Sense Sun Protection and Homemade Sunscreens

Common Sense Sun Care and Homemade Sunscreens – Now Available! Click here to purchase and automatically download the PDF. $18. Year after year, new research and technologies unveil the latest findings related to sunscreen use and UV effects. Physicians, government regulators, manufacturers, and environmental groups all weigh in on the latest sunscreen debate. Yet with […]

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Proof that Zinc Oxide Shields UV Rays

Knowing that regular zinc oxide was used as a sunscreen many decades ago just isn’t convincing enough to many people that it is an effective sunscreen. You want research, data, proof. I get it. Plain zinc oxide is not currently marketed as a sunscreen so there are no current data or research to my knowledge. […]

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Is Homemade Sunscreen For You – Part II: UVA Protection

Before we talk about uva testing, let’s examine why we think uva protection is important and how that relates to sunscreen use. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin layer than UVB rays. Excess exposure to UVA rays may cause premature skin aging, wrinkling, and cell damage and to a lesser degree than UVB rays, […]

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Is Homemade Sunscreen For You? – Part I: Sunburn and UVB Protection

Update: Common Sense Sun Care and Homemade Sunscreens – Now Available! Click here to purchase and automatically download the PDF. $18. A slight delay in launching the sunscreen report to answer an important question. I’m sure you are wondering… How do you know your homemade sunscreen is effective if there are no testing and you […]

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Sunscreen eReport Update

I’m working hard to complete my in-depth report on sunscreen. Lots of good stuff including recipes and sun care tips. And, it will cost much less than you’d spend on sunscreen this year. So, I won’t be posting much here until I finish, hopefully before the end of this month! There I said it. Now […]

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Sew Your Own UV Protective Clothing and Rash Guard

Your first line of sun protection should not be sunscreen. It should be protective clothing. In recent years, we have seen an explosion of expensive high UPF rated sunwear. If you have minimum sewing skills, you can easily make your own rash guard. Rash guard UV protective shirts are simply regular t-shirts or activewear clothing […]

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Zinc Oxide Sunscreen and Diaper Rash Ointment

Another common question from the perceptive readers… So what’s the difference between a zinc oxide based sunscreen and diaper rash ointment? Not much! Just marketed differently. The main difference is in the base. Diaper rash ointments have little to no water content and sunscreen base usually has water listed as the first ingredient. If it’s […]

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Coming Soon – Must Read Sunscreen Report

Okay, I’ve received a ton of questions, both online and offline regarding sun protection. I thought I’d let you in on my latest project: my e-report on the cheapest and safest sunscreen. Yes, you can find the basics if you dig through my old posts. But in this upcoming report, I will answer all your […]

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More on Zinc Oxide – Nano-scale Micronized Sunscreen: Should You Be Concerned?

Short answer is no. But if you are going to use nano-sized/micronized/ultrafine zinc oxide commercial sunscreens, use the lotion or cream and not the spray kind. When nano-sized zinc oxide particles were first introduced in sunscreen, there were some concerns that these ultrafine particles would absorb into the skin causing more harm than good. These […]

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