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What is the Difference Between Micronized and Nano-sized Zinc Oxide?

Did you know that neither the FDA nor the cosmetic science industry have a formal definition for nano-size zinc oxide? Its interpretation varies widely within the industry. BASF’s Z-COTE®, a popular supplier of microfine zinc oxide powders for sunscreen and mineral makeup, considers 200 nanometers as the upper limit. Micronisers’s Microsun™ nanosized zinc oxide powders […]

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Beginner’s Homemade Lotion

Almost two years ago, I posted a super easy 3-ingredient moisturizer. Today, it still remains my most popular post. It is so simple that I’m reposting here with smaller quantities for those wanting to make a smaller batch. Lotion is nothing more than an emulsion of oil and water; you can make a base lotion […]

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Natural Insect Repellent and Itchy Bite Relievers That Really Works

I love to be outside. During the long, hot, late Spring/Summer/early Fall months of Texas, the best time to be out is in the early dewy morning and early evening, the same time the mosquitoes are most active. I’ve never fully enjoyed the outdoors during those times as I have been cast as the human […]

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Body Butter for Eczema and Dry Skin Relief

Here’s a very simple, easy to make skin care product: body butter sticks and bars. All you need is oil and wax! For the winter, my favorite recipe uses 15% (by weight) beeswax and 85% coconut oil. Note that coconut oil has a room temperature melting point of about 75 °F, so this stick may […]

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Microbes: Conclusion and My Personal Opinions – Part IV

Posts in this series on microbes: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV And now, I’m going to explain why I brought up the subject of microbes. A large portion of my posts are dedicated to homemade, do-it-yourself crafts and necessities. I do it mostly to save money without sacrificing quality, the trade-off being […]

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Microbes: The Role of Preservatives – Part III

Preservatives, like disinfectants, inhibit microbrial growth. But their main purpose is to extend a product’s shelf life. In our fast-paced, industrialized world where we as consumers expect to get what we want and when we want with minimal effort, it seems reasonable that so many of our products contain preservatives. But just like disinfectants and […]

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Green Tea Lotion

Green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant with many health benefits. Over the last decade, various forms of green tea have become increasingly popular in skin care products due to its healing properties. You see it in many anti-aging, damaged, and mature skin care products. Green tea lotion is very easy to make, about as easy […]

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Common Sense Sun Protection and Homemade Sunscreens

Common Sense Sun Care and Homemade Sunscreens – Now Available! Click here to purchase and automatically download the PDF. $18. Year after year, new research and technologies unveil the latest findings related to sunscreen use and UV effects. Physicians, government regulators, manufacturers, and environmental groups all weigh in on the latest sunscreen debate. Yet with […]

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Proof that Zinc Oxide Shields UV Rays

Knowing that regular zinc oxide was used as a sunscreen many decades ago just isn’t convincing enough to many people that it is an effective sunscreen. You want research, data, proof. I get it. Plain zinc oxide is not currently marketed as a sunscreen so there are no current data or research to my knowledge. […]

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Is Homemade Sunscreen For You – Part II: UVA Protection

Before we talk about uva testing, let’s examine why we think uva protection is important and how that relates to sunscreen use. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin layer than UVB rays. Excess exposure to UVA rays may cause premature skin aging, wrinkling, and cell damage and to a lesser degree than UVB rays, […]

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