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Not So Messy Ice Cream Push-up Pops

Just about every frozen treats on sticks, homemade or bought, drip everywhere. Unlike us grown-ups who race to finish our treats before even wasting a drop, our kids dawdle, savor every lick leaving a big sticky mess all-over. Keeping them from enjoying these delightful popsicles is simply not an option! Finally, I found a work-around […]

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Cheapest Infant Potty at IKEA

This past weekend, I found stackfuls of one-piece infant potties at IKEA for $3.99 but were on sale for $1.99!!! They looked stable and easy to clean. I’m glad to see how readily available they are now, about four years too late for me. Maybe they’ve been around for awhile but I just don’t find […]

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Easy Clean Tablecloths

Borrowing another great restaurant idea: oil cloth (vinyl) tablecloths. Primary reason? Easy to clean. You can purchase the fabric by the yard from and simply sew fitted tablecloths so that your tots can’t easily pull them off!

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Chopsticks for Kids

Teach your kids how to use chopsticks with these fun kid-sized chopstick helpers (available at Asian markets and grocery stores). The rings help kids and adults alike learn how to hold chopsticks. Not only do they make meals ‘fun’, using them helps kids develop their fine motor skills which helps them with their writing skills […]

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Instead of Disposable Plates, Use Baskets and Liners

Quizno’s, Schlotzky’s, other deli shops and just about every casual Tex-Mex restaurant use some kind of basket and liner to serve food to their customers. They are sturdy, produce slightly less waste, and don’t require as much cleaning – perfect for picnics and outdoor eating. You can find them at restaurant supply stores. At Acemart […]

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Kid-friendly Tableware

Get your kids durable tableware from the most unlikely place: restaurant supply stores. Take note from kid-friendly restaurants. They are all about stretching the dollar and serving kids in tableware that can be used and abused. In Austin, head to Acemart Restaurant Supply Store. Here are my top picks:

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