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Year-round Garden Color with Antique Roses

Roses have a bad reputation for being difficult to grow and maintain. This may be true for modern roses that you often see at the floral shop. The plants that those long stem roses come from weren’t bred to look good in the garden. They were bred to, well, have long stems with a particular […]

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Scavenger Hunt at the Garden Center

I love the springtime, I love gardening, and I love going to the garden center. One of my favorite nursery is the Natural Gardener in Austin. Besides the wonderful selection of plants, they have beautiful grounds with many demonstration gardens. I love taking my kids there and to make it extra fun for them, we […]

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Rose Plant Propagation by Rooting Cuttings

Rooting cuttings is my favorite way to increase my plant collection. Some plants, like roses, are just hard to propagate any other way. Propagation by cuttings is very easy and requires little effort. You just have to be patient and wait for your cuttings to root…

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Simple Seed Starter Mix

Half potting soil and half perlite. This is my standard mix for both starting seeds and rooting cuttings, my other favorite way to propagate plants. If it doesn’t sprout or root in this medium (or via direct sowing), then it’s too much trouble and doesn’t belong in my garden. For my seed trays, I use […]

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Pruning Perennial Herbs

These are about the easiest plants to prune. I just hack ’em short and out of my path’s way. For the edible ones like rosemary and sage, I tie a small bunch together and hang them somewhere in the garage to dry. For the rest of the clippings, I use it as mulch especially around […]

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Plant Propagation Bed

This is my $30 homemade propagation bed: no tools required. I purchased a medium duty storage shelf from Home Depot for about $25. It has 4-tiers but I only use 3 here. The shelvings are grated, necessary to avoid standing water on the shelves. It is easy to assemble/disassemble, a must since I only use […]

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Plant Wildflowers Now!

Fall is the time to throw those wildflower seeds in the ground for the Spring bloom. It’s not too late!!! My faves are larkspur, poppies, and of course, the Texas bluebonnet.

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Grow Your Own Edible Sprouts – No Gardening Skills Required!

Here’s something fun you can do with your kids that’s educational and results in something useful. Sprout seeds! To get started, get an economical, small seed sprouter tray so that your kids can take part in the action. I bought a Thompson and Morgan seed sprouter for about $10. The instructions are simple: Soak seeds […]

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Our Family Perennial Garden

We have two gardens, one on each side of the house: the higher maintenance vegetable garden is mostly cared for by my husband whereas I take care of the lower maintenance perennial/herb garden. We all take part in harvesting from both gardens.

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Local Austin Gardening Resources

Garden centers are wonderful sources of inspiration. They also have staffs of people manicuring the grounds. If you’re looking for low maintenance ideas, peruse commercial sites that do not frequently have landscapers ripping and planting new beds.

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