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Rock Candy, Patience, and Chemistry

Making rock candy is a fun and easy experiment to do with your kids while teaching them a little bit about chemistry and a lot about patience. Plus, there’s a sweet reward at the end. Candy making usually involves thermometers and lots of corn syrup. Not so with rock candy! You just need sugar and […]

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Beginner’s Homemade Lotion

Almost two years ago, I posted a super easy 3-ingredient moisturizer. Today, it still remains my most popular post. It is so simple that I’m reposting here with smaller quantities for those wanting to make a smaller batch. Lotion is nothing more than an emulsion of oil and water; you can make a base lotion […]

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Natural Insect Repellent and Itchy Bite Relievers That Really Works

I love to be outside. During the long, hot, late Spring/Summer/early Fall months of Texas, the best time to be out is in the early dewy morning and early evening, the same time the mosquitoes are most active. I’ve never fully enjoyed the outdoors during those times as I have been cast as the human […]

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