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Support Whole Foods Regardless of Your Health Care Reform Views

Boycotting and changing the way you shop at Whole Foods will have no impact on health care reform. None! But boycotting Whole Foods will have more of a negative impact on the environmentally grown and sustainable food movement. Regardless of my views on health care reform, I applaud Mackey for publicly sharing his personal opinions […]

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Green Tea Lotion

Green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant with many health benefits. Over the last decade, various forms of green tea have become increasingly popular in skin care products due to its healing properties. You see it in many anti-aging, damaged, and mature skin care products. Green tea lotion is very easy to make, about as easy […]

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Honey Vanilla Ice Cream

What I love about using honey instead of sugar is that I can use about half the amount of sweetener. Also, it’s just healthier. Slightly. We make vanilla ice cream more than any other kind. It goes well with so many fruits, nuts, and chocolatey toppings. This recipe is about as simple as it gets. […]

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Brew Tea in a French Press

Some of the best teas only come in loose leaf form. Having used a myriad of tea brewing paraphernalia, the French press is still my tea maker of choice. It is non-electric, economical, easy to clean, and does not take counter space. Though the French press is meant for brewing coffee, the same concepts apply […]

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Chopsticks for Kids

Teach your kids how to use chopsticks with these fun kid-sized chopstick helpers (available at Asian markets and grocery stores). The rings help kids and adults alike learn how to hold chopsticks. Not only do they make meals ‘fun’, using them helps kids develop their fine motor skills which helps them with their writing skills […]

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Instead of Disposable Plates, Use Baskets and Liners

Quizno’s, Schlotzky’s, other deli shops and just about every casual Tex-Mex restaurant use some kind of basket and liner to serve food to their customers. They are sturdy, produce slightly less waste, and don’t require as much cleaning – perfect for picnics and outdoor eating. You can find them at restaurant supply stores. At Acemart […]

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