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Is Homemade Sunscreen For You – Part II: UVA Protection

Before we talk about uva testing, let’s examine why we think uva protection is important and how that relates to sunscreen use. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin layer than UVB rays. Excess exposure to UVA rays may cause premature skin aging, wrinkling, and cell damage and to a lesser degree than UVB rays, […]

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Is Homemade Sunscreen For You? – Part I: Sunburn and UVB Protection

Update: Common Sense Sun Care and Homemade Sunscreens – Now Available! Click here to purchase and automatically download the PDF. $18. A slight delay in launching the sunscreen report to answer an important question. I’m sure you are wondering… How do you know your homemade sunscreen is effective if there are no testing and you […]

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Sunscreen eReport Update

I’m working hard to complete my in-depth report on sunscreen. Lots of good stuff including recipes and sun care tips. And, it will cost much less than you’d spend on sunscreen this year. So, I won’t be posting much here until I finish, hopefully before the end of this month! There I said it. Now […]

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Cold Refreshing All Natural Soda

In a previous post on homemade soda, I raved about the Soda-Club soda machine used to make your own carbonated water. From now until the end of this month, you can save on your online order with the following promo codes: Save $10 – use code POPDADDY Save 10% – use code SUMMERSTOCK Tips for […]

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Tomato Plants and Cage Design

After years of experimenting with different layouts, we’ve settled on a ‘U’ or horseshoe arrangement for our cage plants. You can reach each plant from all angles and it’s very kid-friendly. Our kids love hanging inside the U. We use 6″ grid cattle panel welded wire fencing for all our cages and plant eggplants and […]

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