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Mix Your Own Wild Rice Blend

Many wild rice blends actually contain very little wild rice. If you’re fortunate enough to have a bulk foods section at your grocery store, you can easily find all the ingredients in a typical rice blend: long grain rice (brown and white), black and red wild rice, orzo (plain or whole wheat – technically not […]

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Rose Plant Propagation by Rooting Cuttings

Rooting cuttings is my favorite way to increase my plant collection. Some plants, like roses, are just hard to propagate any other way. Propagation by cuttings is very easy and requires little effort. You just have to be patient and wait for your cuttings to root…

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My New Favorite Lotion-Making Tool

Over the holidays, I received a salad dressing mixer and ever since then, I’ve been finding all kinds of other uses for it, especially lotion making. It is more powerful than the mini-blender (and also uses twice as much battery power). I still use the mini-blender to whip up my thinner lotions such as my […]

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Better Homemade Soap Bubble Recipe with Glycerin

Glycerin has many uses besides in soap and skin care. Add it to your standard soap bubble recipe to make it stickier and more like the commercial ones. Some recipes claim adding sugar makes better bubbles, but I say avoid it unless you want to invite sugar-loving critters to join in on the fun. Here’s […]

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$0.75 Premium Creme Brulee

Once you see how easy it is to make creme brulee, you will never order an overpriced one at a restaurant again! Eggs, heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla are all the ingredients in a basic creme brulee. This recipe is not as egg-y as some out there and makes a very creamy and smooth creme […]

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Simple Seed Starter Mix

Half potting soil and half perlite. This is my standard mix for both starting seeds and rooting cuttings, my other favorite way to propagate plants. If it doesn’t sprout or root in this medium (or via direct sowing), then it’s too much trouble and doesn’t belong in my garden. For my seed trays, I use […]

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March Sale on Diaper Covers

Sale!!! 30% off two of our diaper cover prints: a handsome batik print and our jungle fruits and florals in sunny yellow.

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Pruning Perennial Herbs

These are about the easiest plants to prune. I just hack ’em short and out of my path’s way. For the edible ones like rosemary and sage, I tie a small bunch together and hang them somewhere in the garage to dry. For the rest of the clippings, I use it as mulch especially around […]

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