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Make Those Onesies Last Another Year. Almost.

At around the time my kids turn one, I tend to stop dressing them in onesies. Yet, I seem to have so many of them laying around, some that they’ve only worn once. As I was clearing out my daughter’s dresser, I remembered what I did with some of them. I cut the bottoms off […]

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Plant Propagation Bed

This is my $30 homemade propagation bed: no tools required. I purchased a medium duty storage shelf from Home Depot for about $25. It has 4-tiers but I only use 3 here. The shelvings are grated, necessary to avoid standing water on the shelves. It is easy to assemble/disassemble, a must since I only use […]

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Valentine’s Day Craft Making Origami Fortune Tellers

Folding origami fortune tellers is my go-to kids craft for party favors. It is simple, inexpensive, and great fun for a wide range of ages. For the younger kids, I do all the folding and let them decorate with stickers, drawing, etc… For slightly older kids, I fold to make the crease lines, unfold, and […]

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Finding and Creating that Perfect Lotion for Your Skin Condition

First off, I’m not a dermatologist. But I have visited plenty of them in my youth and now again, for my daughter’s eczema. Not much has changed. The dermatologist usually sends me home with a ton of samples of topical ointments and creams or sells me a product “to try”. I got the same advice […]

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Website Makeover

Accountability: Maybe if I do a post announcing my plans, I’ll actually follow through. I’ve been meaning to update this website especially the shop section. Nothing major at this point. Hopefully, this posting is all I need to motivate me. I do the same with our home improvement projects but so far, it hasn’t worked. […]

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How to Make Beeswax Chips

The quality beeswax I get typically comes in big chunks. Most of the time and especially when I’m making skin care, I only need a small amount. If you’ve ever tried to cut off a tiny section, you’ll know how tough it is to work with a chunk of beeswax. So, the first thing I […]

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My One Oven Pot Roast Recipe

Oven pot roast is a standard in our family. I prepare three versions the exact same way. The only thing I vary is the meat: with chicken, I get coq au vin; beef chuck, boeuf bourgignon; and deer meat, uh, venison pot roast, no fancy french name for this one. Ingredients (I really don’t measure […]

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