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Facebook, Finally!

Yes! Wabi Sabi Baby finally joined Facebook! I have been looking for a better and more efficient way to communicate with all the readers (thank you!), especially those who comment and email me. So, I’ve created a Facebook page for Wabi Sabi Baby. Help promote my site by becoming a fan! Simply click here to […]

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Winter Dry Skin Relief with Body Bars

Body bars and lip balms share essentially the same ingredients. Check out the ingredients list on both and compare. They’re just packaged differently. In the winter, I prefer to use a body stick since it’s convenient to apply especially when you’re using it frequently. Besides, my lotion is cold. Here’s a simple recipe for an […]

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Fortune Cookies Recipe

Many fortune cookie recipes call for baking only a couple of pieces at a time so that you have time to shape the cookie before it cools. Baking time varies and can take up to 10 minutes. This is very time consuming. There’s a better way. I make my fortune cookies over the stove top, […]

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In Celebration of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is January 26, 2009 (year of the ox). For the entire month of January, we’re offering a 25% discount on 3 of our popular Asian inspired diaper covers!

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Easy Spanish Rice Using a Rice Cooker

Ricer cookers aren’t just for plain rice! Here’s a simple recipe for spanish rice: Ingredients: medium or long grain rice chicken broth diced, pureed, or blended tomatoes garlic powder Method using the rice cooker: Use the cup measurer included with the rice cooker to measure up to 3 cups of rice. Mix in desired amounts […]

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How to Say No to Your Kids Without Saying “No!”

When you’re constantly telling your kids “No!”, the effects wear off over time. Besides, it’s not always clear what you’re saying ‘no’ to. Instead, try speaking with: brevity. Instead of just repeating “no” by itself, be a little more descriptive. ‘No hitting’, ‘no touch’, ‘not for babies’, etc… ambiguity. Statements like ‘maybe later’, ‘not now’, […]

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CPSIA and Children’s Apparel Manufacturing

I don’t even know where to begin. So, I will direct you to my all-time favorite resource for the sewn product industry: Fashion Incubator. Kathleen Fasanella addresses the CPSIA issue actively and thoroughly and has even opened up her forums discussing this topic to the public. By the way, Fashion Incubator and Kathleen’s book has […]

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Happy New Year!

Some of my New Year’s resolutions have been the same for the last several years. Declutter. Buy less. Make more stuff from scratch. Since I started blogging 3 months ago, I’ve also discovered a few blogs along the way that I’ve found useful and also inspirational. My 3 favorites are: Elise’s Simply Recipes Tip Nut […]

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