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Plant Wildflowers Now!

Fall is the time to throw those wildflower seeds in the ground for the Spring bloom. It’s not too late!!! My faves are larkspur, poppies, and of course, the Texas bluebonnet.

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Make Kid-friendly Tree Ornaments Part II: Salt Dough Decorations

At our house, we have a tradition of hanging candy canes made of salt dough. Then on the night before Christmas, they magically turn into real candy canes! Salt dough craft is easy and fun to do with the kids. Click here for recipes and instructions. They also taste pretty bad so hopefully, that alone […]

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Salt Dough Craft Recipe

Here’s my all-time favorite recipe for dough craft: Ingredients by volume 2 parts flour 1 part salt 1 part warm water acrylic paint or food coloring (optional) Directions Mix in flour and salt in a stand mixer. Plain salt dough: Add warm water. Colored salt dough: Add coloring to the center and pour the warm […]

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Crazy Austin Weather

It snowed yesterday! It was enough to make a small snowman. Very small.

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Make Kid-friendly Tree Ornaments Part I: Using Fabric

With a toddler and a preschooler at home, I’ve temporarily put away the breakable ornaments. In its place, easy to sew fabric ones. Print the included template (scale as desired) and cut two pieces. Either serge or turn and topstitch all-around except the straight top edge. Stuff with fiberfill or even more scrap fabric. You […]

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Soda for Kids?

Why not? I’m not talking about the cheap sodas full of artificial ingredients. Nor am I suggesting buying your tots the expensive all-natural Italian sodas. Though not as easy as popping open a can, you can easily make all-natural soda simply by mixing club soda with natural syrups. It’s like fizzy watered down juice! That […]

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Two New Diaper Cover Prints!!!

Gold Kanji writing printed on a fiery red backdrop. Forest green cover dappled with snowflakes.

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